Dragon City Hack

Dragon City is developed and published by Social Point. This is a totally exciting and enjoyable game that you can play it on Facebook. In Dragon City, you have to bread, train and raise your different kinds of Dragons to make your own awesome magical city. Players of Dragon City game have to have a good amount of Golds, Foods and Gems to improve their game and that’s why a lot of players are willing to buy this game currencies by paying real cash. It's what makes Dragon City pretty addicting. If you’re looking for tons of resources like Gold, Food and Gems to become strong, then this Dragon City Hack page is for you. Just keep reading and you’ll find out many awesome features of our tool.

Dragon City Feature

Dragon City Hack Features

Gold, Food and Gems Hack. Yes, that's right. You can generate even the premium resource. All for free.
Unique Cards

Easy to Operate

Multi browser Compatibility and Noob Friendly. Generates all the three resources: Gold, Food and Gems.
Gold Elixir Gems

Safety first

Abuse Protection and 100% Safe and Undetectable. No danger of having your account banned or removed.

Dragon City Online tool generator

Not Enough Gold Problem

Playing this game is really exciting, but it takes a lot of dedication to advance. For example, if you want to level up your Dragon, you have to use different type of foods all the time. Yes, the dragons generate gold, but that amount is way too low. If you want a sufficient amount of gold, you have to generate it with Gems.

Gems Problem

The main problem when you play Dragon City is that there is no real way to earn Gems fast. Although you can collect Food and Gold a little bit faster, Gems are the real premium resource that you have to buy with real money. Or use the Dragon City Hack and download gems for free.


Introducing Dragon City Hack

The Dragon City Hack is a tool developed by dragoncityhackdownload.com. This Dragon City Hack tool can help you get a ton of Gold, Food and Gems. Food and Gold are easy to get, but Gems are so harder. With this tool, you can get extra Food, Gold and specially Gems. We’ve made it easy since this tool is user-friendly and we focused on the simplicity of usage. You won’t need any third party software. It's compatible with all browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Dragon City Hack is updated every week and it is free to download. Once you download this easy-to-use tool, you don't need to pay money for Gold, Food, Gems because Dragon City Hack can easily get them for you.


Dragon City Hack Download Gems proof


Dragon City Hack Instructions

If there is any problem with this Dragon City Hack tool, please let us know your comments. Play smarter than rest of the 17 million people who play Dragon City normally. Just follow the instructions:

  • Open Dragon City Hack Generator.
  • Insert your username, choose your desired platform and click on the "Connect" button.
  • Choose how much Food, Gold and Gems you want from the options prompted.
  • Click Generate button and wait for the tool generates the Gold, Food and the Gems.
  • Small human verification might be required, finish the verification and the process will be completed.


Dragon City online tool generator