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Unlimited Gems, Food and Gold

Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack Video Proof

What is Dragon City Game?


Dragon City is developed and published by Social Point. This game is totally exciting and enjoyable game that you can play it on Facebook. In Dragon City, you have to bread, train and raise your different kinds of Dragons to make your own awesome magical city. Players of Dragon City game have to have a good amount of Golds, Foods and Gems to improve their game and that’s why a lof of players are willing to buy this game currencies by paying real cash because Dragon City is pretty addicting. If you’re looking for tons of resoureces like Gold, Food and Gems to become strong, then this Dragon City Hack page is for you. Just keep reading and you’ll find out many awesome features of our tool.

Introduce Dragon City Hack


The Dragon City Hack is a tool developped by http://dragoncityhackdownload.com. This Dragon City Hack tool can help you get a ton of Golds, Foods and Gems. Food and Gold are easy to get buy Gems are so harder. With this tool, you can get extra Food, Gold and specially Gems.  We’ve made it so this tool was user-friendly and we focused on the simplicity of usage. You won’t need any third party software, not including ofcourse the compatible browsers : Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Dragon City Hack is updated every week and it is free to download. Once you download this easy-to-use tool, you dont need to pay money for Gold, Food, Gems because Dragon City Hack can easily get them for you.

If there is any problem with this Dragon City Hack tool, please let us know your comments. Play smarter than rest of the 17 million people who play Dragon City normally!

Dragon City Hack Features


- Gold, Food and Gem Hack
- Multi browser Compatibility
- 100% Safe and Undetectable
- Abuse Protection
- Noob Friendly

Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack Intructions:


- Download our Dragon City Hack, then extract file DragonCityHack.rar to your desktop
- Open the tool and let it load
- Type how much Food, Gold and Gems you want from the options prompted
- Choose which browser that you’re using to play Dragon City game
- Click Hack button and wait for the tool generates Gold, Food and Gems
- Enjoy and please share this page to your friends.

Dragon City Hack FAQ:


Q: How does it work?

A: This tool, sends to the vulnerable servers that host dragon city, several packets which, according to your facebook account change, permanently the Gold,Food or Gems variables.

Q: Is it safe? Will I get ban from using this hack?

A: Its 100% safe. It just replace some part of the game data which is totally undetectable. It also offers an abuse protection which stop the hack when the limit is reach.

Q: Can I have unlimited Gold, Food and Gems?

You can have unlimited gold and food using this Dragon City Hack tool, but with Gems, 1000 Gems is limit. You need to wait for 3 days for the gem hack to work again. 

Q: Why only 1000 Gems?

 A: 1000 Gems is the safest. We already tried several values, but values greater than 1000 gems triggers some inconsistency on the data that may lead to detection of the hack. We’re trying to fix this tool to make unlimited Gems but now, 1000 Gems is limit.



  1. rama abdullah says:

    haha. just got 800 gems. Thanks admin!

  2. ester says:

    this hack worked!!!

  3. Chris Blade D. Redden says:

    i thought it was fake but after using it i have seen 1000 gems. Big thanks!!!

  4. bendoo says:


  5. deftiananugrahpratama says:

    does it work on mac?

  6. omar says:


  7. Xtoo says:

    How to Completely Survey ??

  8. saibu says:

    After searching a lot, Finally I got something which really works. Thanks

  9. hazem says:

    Hey man very good work. The hack work well xD Thank you

  10. Byakuran!! says:

    PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!! i CANT OPEN IT!!!!!!! it says PROGRAM HAS STOP WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

    • admin says:

      You used an old version of dragon city hack tool. Please download our newest version: Dragon City Hack 2013 V3.3
      Run the tool carefully and you can get 1000 gems:
      – Install .Net framework 2.0
      – Run the tool as Administrator

  11. Kino says:

    yeah me get 700 gems thx admin!

  12. Kashi says:

    really hate survey!!!! it took me 15 minutes to get the tool. but thank u admin cause it worked!

  13. priyo sudarmono says:

    i cant complete the surveys, hel me please!! fakenamegenerator.com is error :’(

  14. ShinShi says:

    why do i have to complete the survey? i hate it ==’

  15. Dzaki says:

    guys, this is my little trick to complete survey. you just need to choose Pin offers and submit your phone number on it. in my case i got the hack in just 30 secs.
    and i forget, the hack is really good. I got only 300 gems but i think it’s enough

  16. Dzaki says:

    this hack work?

  17. aliharefa says:

    Worked perfectly for me!! im gonna share to my friends

  18. admin says:

    Just update to Dragon City Hack v4.1. Please download it. The old version wont work anymore.
    To use Dragon City Hack v4.1 (Newest Version), you have to do these steps:
    - Install .Net framework 3.5 (for Window) (No need for Mac)
    - Run the tool as Administrator
    - 1000 Gems is limit so please don’t type any bigger number.
    Hope it works for u:)

  19. dandi muhamad nurohim says:

    worked for me…

  20. Sid says:

    This one is perfect,, thank you for sharing it..

  21. gabriel says:

    file not found!

  22. Boy says:

    good job admin, it worked

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    it great

  24. artpangasian says:

    hahahaha … got 1000 gems. This hack is amzing

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    Very Thanks,i couldn’t find it on anyother site , hacks works like a charm!

  27. james says:

    vote for this tool!

  28. don gil says:

    wtf its worked tnxs very tnxs unlimited gems,golds,exp and food yeahhh !

  29. stephan says:

    it,s real working thanks

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  31. adan fadilah says:

    i like this dragon city hack

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